Hey! You have stumbled upon an oooooold blog!

Hi, I’m Ainslie!

As you may have noticed from the post dates, this site hasn’t been updated since 2013. I know some people still refer back to some of these recipes (myself included!), so I’ve decided to keep ‘er up for the time being.

You’ll find plant-based, whole-foods recipes created to be quick, easy, and occasionally weird and entertaining.

I was a chef working with vegan, vegetarian, and raw foods for almost ten years, and a trained holistic nutritionist for a few of those years as well. These days, I’m a web developer re-learning how to feed myself, my friends, and my family for fun. I may or may not still try to boss around anyone who finds themselves in a kitchen with me. I’m sure I’m sorry.

So, if you’re interested in easy and tasty ways to stuff your face with more plant-based foods, you’re in the right place! You don’t need to revamp your kitchen, buy wacky inaccessible special ingredients, eat houseplants or anything that tastes “earthy” (yeah, you know what I’m talking about – no thanks!), or spend ALL your free time meal planning and prepping.

I hope you find something here to enjoy omnomnomming down.