April Vegan Swap: Snacktastic!

It’s been almost a year since I last participated in the Canadian Vegan Food Swap, and since I’m about to leave the country for a good chunk of time…I figured, why not do a swap while I can? In related news, I can’t wait to participate in the UK Vegan Food Swap once I get settled in there.

I received my box of treats from Katie of Not Just Granola while at work yesterday afternoon – perfect timing, I was having one of those endlessly hungry days, and totally in the mood for some snacks before my lunch break. And during my lunch break. And on my way home. Ahem.

I had mentioned to Katie that I’m a fan of snacks, and prefer savoury/salty over sweet. I tend to eat my weight in vegan protein and energy bars, and Sunwarrior smoothies as snacks, so I’m always looking for more non-sweet options. One of the things I love best about the vegan swap (other than, hello, a box of food in the post!) is having someone else pick out delicious things that I would probably never choose for myself, and yet always end up loving.

Katie completely delivered on my preferences, with some spicy, sweet+salty cashews, nori-wrapped rice crackers, and this dal mix that is basically like salty crunchy spicy crack. Like, open then bag and you are done delicious. She warned. I accepted the challenge. It’s crunchy little chickpea flour sticks and lentils, and I kind of just want to up-end the entire bag into my mouth. Repeatedly. The bag is sitting on my desk here at 10am and I’m already eyeing it up. I wonder how it pairs with coffee?


There was also an adorable little jar of locally made (Ottawa) orange and fig jam, which I slathered on some toast with some Daiya jack cheese for a late-night, Arrested Development-watching snack. I’m a huge marmalade fan, and this is definitely bitter and not overly sweet in the same way. Nom.

I have yet to try the Buddy Fruits, but they remind me a bit of those fruit snacks I always wanted in elementary school but was never allowed to have. These are actually fruit, though, so I’ll be mother and say I AM allowed to have them for my mid-morning snack.

…is it time for recess yet?

2 thoughts on “April Vegan Swap: Snacktastic!

    1. Yes! I loved it all, thank you so much. Everything is, uh, pretty much gone. That Dal mix is ridiculous. I must find more!

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