Spring Cleanse Kickstart Is Here!

Have you been feeling the end of winter bleeeeerghs lately? Are you ready to kick that junk to the curb?

If you answered yes and yes, I’ve got juuuuuuuust the thing for you, kittenface.

It’s my (Spring) Cleanse Kickstart Month of Party Time Excellent!

…I know, “cleanse” sounded so boring on it’s own.

This is going to be 28 days of kickstarting your body back to optimal health with plant-based, super nutrition.

What Will We Eat?

Green smoothies. Crunchy Vegan Ranch Salads. Raw Cookie Dough Balls. Creamy Broccoli Soup. And so much mooooooooore.

This “cleanse” is about subtracting empty calorie foods that make you feel like poop (think refined sugar/flour, booze, salty snacks), and replacing them with super-nourishing whole food options that fill you up while giving you energy, and letting you shed a few pounds in the process.

It makes me sad to hear you guys say eating great food that gives you loads of energy is too complicated or time consuming. So I created this little plan to show you how easy, fun, cheap, and sustainable it can be to eat a crazy nourishing, whole foods diet.

Group Support

I’ll be with you for the whole 4 weeks, as will your fellow cleansers – supporting, answering questions, and helping each other make sustainable changes.

So, uh, when?

Now! The first group of cleansers began March 7th, but never fear! You can hop onto the cleanse wagon and into our Facebook support group full of discussion, recipe chat, and delicious photo posting any time now and cleanse your happy faces off! You even get, like, lifetime access to the Facebook group where myself and other experienced members can A all your Q’s in the blink of a cursor.


Do it. Do it now.

Click-y the button below to get access to the 50-page ebook full of plant-based, whole food recipes (gluten, sugar, dairy, caffeine, crap-free) and cleansing tips, plus a b***load of info on why alkalinizing plant foods will make you feel totally radical.

(Spring) Cleanse Kickstart


$31 for 4 weeks of recipes, exclusive group + individual support! You can’t go wrong.

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See you in our top-secret support group!