Introducing Everyone Is Vegan, The Mini-Book!

Hey, I didn’t mean to or anything, but I guess I got you a Valentine’s present. It’s a thingy! A fiendish thingy!

…ok, no it’s not.

It’s a book! It’s my first vegan recipe book! Holy haricots, hatman! (look, it might be tiny, but I just wrote and published a book so I think I’m allowed to briefly abuse exclamation points!) !!!


It’s a mini-recipe book of 5 (and a half) exclusive recipes, enough for you to eat like a vegan champion for an entire day – and then some!

Oh yeah, and it’s totally free, because I love you guys.

Grab it below to start omnom’ing on the easiest kale chips the world has ever seen, hemp cacao brownies, basic hummus, and my most favourite kale-avo salad evar. Do it. Do it now. You know you wanna.



And after you’ve stuffed these recipes into your face, come back in a couple of days to find out about the March Group Clease I’m hosting! WOOP WOOP.

We’re going to have an even bigger recipe book, a super secret Facebook support group, email Q’s will be A’d, and a pre-spring month of nourishing the shit out of ourselves will be had. We’ll kick some pesky sugar, caffeine, and gluten addictions, and bid good riddance to the winter BLERGHS. Yeah. Get ready to put your awesome pants on.

Come back on Monday to find out how to sign the eff up.

Until then, happy love day, kittenfaces.


5 thoughts on “Introducing Everyone Is Vegan, The Mini-Book!

  1. Just signed up! Can’t wait to get started! Any chance of getting something resembling a cleanse food pyramid type-thingy? e.g. How many servings of what type of food per day for various calorie levels and what is an appropriate serving size? Just a thought… I find it is when I really am concious of portion size that I see results.


    1. Hmmm, yeah I can totally work something like that in, and/or find some resources for people to sort of decide their own portion sizes…as it does vary. Also, this ebook is but a mere preview! There will be waaaay more recipes like these ones for the actual cleanse, so I’d love to hear what you think if you try any of these out in the next week!

  2. Love the book Ainslie! Well done, you published author you!

    *omnoms on brownies that I made from the book*

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