I Ate The Mail: May Vegan Swap Shazam!

by Ainslie on May 30, 2012

Holy parcel of vegan deliciousness in the mail, batfriends!

I don’t get much in the way of mail, these days. I mean, I get about fifteen hundred bazillions emails a day, about two of which tend to actually interest me. But, like, MAIL MAIL? In the MAILBOX? Yeah, not so much. I even switched all my bills and bank statements to some sort of electronic wizardry last summer before I went off traveling, soooo. You know those super exciting two seconds of OMG I GOT MAIL feels that occur before you flip the envelope and realise it’s just another credit card statement and not an exciting old timey missive composed on parchment with a quill…yeah, I don’t even get those two seconds of feels anymore.


Um. Well. I mean, I didn’t eat the whole parcel. I ate it’s contents.

This is just coming out all wrong. Maybe I should start over.

My friend MeShell over at In Your City started up a Canada-only Vegan Swap , wherein a bunch of charming Canadian vegans get together and trade delicious parcels of vegan treats between themselves and around the country.

May was my first month taking part, and I have to say I was as stoked to put together a little parcel for someone as I was to receive my own treats. I sent an epically, insanely west coast little bunch of treats to Jill at Vegan Cuts.

And then I received a DELICOUS envelope from the lovely Sarina of Earthgiven. Sarina – all I can say is…I devoured everything within two or three days, so you know it was a hit! OMNOMNOM.

I went for the potato chips first, because, well, I have never met a potato chip I did not want in my face. These were probably the best OMGWTFBBQ flavour I’ve ever had – salty savoury and just a touch sweet, but not too much. NOM.

Then the next morning I nommed down the Vega in a “smoothie” of mango, hemp seeds, and water. I know. Fancy. I don’t know what witchcraft Vega have done, but this was WAY tastier than it used to be. I swore off “natural” flavour Vega YEARS ago. I mean, I like healthy. I just…don’t want it to taste THAT healthy. But I see more Vega in my near future, now that they’ve fixed themselves. Good jorb, guys.

And then there were the raw nacho chips from Live, in Toronto. Oh, what a delicious nostalgic surprise treat! As some of you know, and some of you don’t know…I used to work at Live. And yes, I ate many a delicous nacho slathered in guac, salsa, and cashew sour cream. And sometimes jalapeno jelly. And walnut taco meat. Mmmmmmm, Live nachos. Someone go there and eat some of those for me ASAP, ‘k? I dipped these guys in some delicious red chili sauce I had made for a batch of enchiladas, and lo it was crazy delish.


Thanks a super duper bunch for the noms, Sarina! And thanks for the organizing, MeShell! And thanks for the mail-receiving, Jill!

Go sign up for the next round of Canada Vegan Swap, if you’re a Canada…ian. What. I know words. Oh, and I guess if you’re a USA…ian what likes edible mail, you should go check out the American Swap. If you’re a rest-of-the-world-ian…I don’t know what to tell you. Sorry? I’m Canadian, that’s what we say. Sorry.

Now, I must go edit video of OMG VEGAN CORNDOGS YOU GUYS. So, like, expect that on my youtube tomorrow, and on the blog…maybe tomorrow, maybe Friday. Vegan. Corndogs. Yeah.

In the meantime, you should watch Hank Green eating vegetarian corndogs and saying a bunch of smart stuff about eating less meat. God, I love it when omnivores talk sense about eating less meat.

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