What Is This, A New Post?!

Oh crap. I did that thing that blogs do where I quit posting for a really really long time, and now I’m coming back. Everyone likes internet cliches and stuff, so it’s cool, right? Right.

If I said I knew exactly what I was doing here, I would be a lying sack of lies, so let’s just say I still make and eat lots of vegan food and I’m going to talk about it sometimes, but not every day like I was trying to do before. I totally failblog.commed at that endeavour, obviously. Yeah, that’s right, I used the name of a website as a verb. I know. Groundbreaking.

In other news, since I was last all up in this blog, I’ve been across the continent on a couple month roadtrip from NYC and Philly to PDX and all up and down California, before eating my weight in vegan donuts in Las Vegas just before the holidays. Oh yeah, and I went to that vegan blogging conference thing in PDX too, way back when. Now I’m doing some hibernation, writing, cooking, and eating on Salt Spring Island, with occasional trips to Vancouver and Victoria for…let’s face it, eating, mostly.

My number one, hands-down, favourite BC area vegan discovery of the past month or so has been Bandidas Taqueria on Commercial in Vancouver. How I didn’t know about this before…I don’t know. Someone who should have been telling me about vegan things in YVR clearly wasn’t. But nevermind! I ate what could be quantified as a “metric fuck ton” of vegan Mexican food in California recently, and Bandidas totally stacks up. Like, in the top three with SF’s Gracias Madre and San Diego’s Pokez. Again, I know.

Daiya-slathered, baked enchiladas. There was kale, and squash, and black beans, delicious sauce and corn tortillas. Totally my favourite things. I’m going to stop before I write a love letter to Bandidas right now, but I’m coming back with a more comprehensive look at Vancouver vegan omnomnoms soon. Plus a California recap, and a bunch of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia jokes. Because it is. Except when it’s thunderstorming, and I have food poisoning.


I have a few (thousand) ideas of things to come here, like a little ebook (finally!), recipes for vegan haggis, faux-dragon for the Chinese New Year, and there has long been talk of veganising the famous Grilled Charlie, and maybe even plant-based fish custard. I know.

So, hey guys. How’s it going? I promise to be back in under seven months this time. WHAT.

11 thoughts on “What Is This, A New Post?!

    1. Haha, I’m still figuring out exactly how I’ll make it, but I’ll definitely post a recipe when I do! Totally inspired by the awesome and elusive Unicart in PDX that served “faux-fantasy meat.” I definitely missed vegan blogging, great to hear from you!!

  1. Since it’s Robert Burns’ birthday (Jan. 25, 1759), I was expecting a recipe for vegan haggis!

    1. Unfortunately, in a tragic turn of events, someone forgot to buy the neeps for a side dish! We did remember the single malt scotch though!

  2. So jealous of the vegan mexican food amazingness you’ve been sampling!!! But on the bright side I’ll be able to get you tell me what to order and where to go next time I’m out west. Hooray you’re live on the blog again – totes awesome :o)

    1. I can tell you where to eat all up and down the coast now, and Vancouver is even better than I thought! At least Toronto has Chipotle though, I MISS THOSE GIANT BURRITOS SO MUCH I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD.

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