Awesome as F**k Fridays!

Hey friends, I’m back! I know right, it’s been a while. I don’t know what to say other than shit happens? My old MacBook screen experienced death-by-falling-iPhone a few weeks ago, around the same time I was moving the blog over to this new domain, transitioning from blogger to WordPress, spending a few days as the guest chef up at Grail Springs, working at my other job, and y’know, trying to live my normal life too. Needless to say, I gave myself a little blogging break while I waited for my new and epically amazing MacBook Pro, and did some “back end” stuff on this new site. It’s still mildly under construction, but I’m totally in love with WordPress and the opportunity to learn some new tech-y junk and do a bit of design. Nerd alert! Check the menu bar up top for the brand new Recipe Index, making all of our lives a bunch easier. Whoa.

I thought I would come back today with the introduction of a little series I’ve been considering for some time. Awesome as F**k Fridays! What the f**k is an Awesome as F**k Friday , right?! It’s a little collection of stuff that’s awesome, presented to you on Friday. Duh, right? I can’t promise I’ll have one of these every Friday, but it’s a little fun that I’ll bring up whenever I can, to rec recipes, blogs, books, foods and just general stuff I love. I figured, what better day than Friday, since everyone loves Friday’s to begin with, right?! Right! If you’d like to join in in the comments, by all means tell me what’s the cherry on your vegan cupcake this Friday and I’ll feature some awesome answers in future editions!

I’m going to start today with a few selfish awesomes, because this is my damn blog and I’ll be grateful for whatever the f**k I feel like!


  • The new MacBook Pro, with solid state harddrive! (Nerd alert x2!)

  • My upcoming two-day trip to NYC to catch the final performance of American Idiot on Broadway this Sunday, and eat some NYC vegan noms. (Nerd alert x3!)
  • The second issue of my friend Jill’s zine, Hello Vegan. It’s full of vegan info, and the cutest hand-drawn raccoons you’ll ever see. If you’re in Toronto, you can grab a copy at Hot Beans in Kensington or Panacea Eco Shop on Bloor street or it you’re on the internet (adoi)  you can read the first and second issues online at Hello Vegan’s Facebook page! What! Technology ftw!
  • Delicious new recipes I will share with you soon:

The healthiest baked Vegan Poutine you may ever encounter:

Chocolate Milkshake Smoothie, starring avocado:

Even-cheesier-than-before Butternut Squash Mac ‘n’ Cheeze:

And that was that, for now at least.  I’ll be back sooner rather than later with new recipes, promise!

In the meantime, what awesome vegan things are you loving this week?

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