Recipe Testing: Coconut Mint Smoothie & Adzuki Burdock Stir-Fry!

All I got today is some teasing and tantalizing pictures, and tales of delicious meals, my friends.

I spent today gathering menu ideas for an upcoming guest chef stint I will be doing at Grail Springs Retreat & Spa, AND testing a couple of little recipes for an as-yet-super-secret-and-untitled recipe e-book I am writing!

I started off with a smoothie inspired by something some friends told me they had and loved on a recent trip to NYC:

Avocado, Coconut Water & Fresh Mint

…with a few embellishments.  This was so refreshing, bright, and energizing!  I can’t wait to “test” this recipe repeatedly!  Definitely a new fave!

Then I made this little guy that had been percolating in my brain for a few days.  Sesame-Ginger Burdock & Adzuki Bean Stir Fry!  After hilariously hauling a 3 foot long burdock root home from the Korean grocery store, I cooked up this gem and wolfed down a helping or two for dinner.

I’m planning some more recipe testing for tomorrow, which means more delicious eating!  Yes, it’s one of those nights where I’m already dreaming of breakfast…

8 thoughts on “Recipe Testing: Coconut Mint Smoothie & Adzuki Burdock Stir-Fry!

  1. Yum? Burdock root; don' t think I've had that in a stir fry, or any fry. What's the taste and nutritional value? Have seen it in lots of Asian stores, but never considered it's benefits. And avocado smoothie… yum yum!

  2. It's a little…earthy tasting. I don't know how else to describe it, sort of like the earthiness of a beet, without the sweetness? you may have had it in asian restaurants and not even known it! it's amazingly good for cleansing the kidneys and liver, and apparently you can also eat it raw, which I've never done but will be trying soon!

  3. Can you take a photo of the burdock or did you chop it all up already? I am absolutely positive I've never seen such a thing and would love to know what to look for. Earthy but not sweet sounds great to me! Thanks!

  4. I will absolutely post a photo of the burdock later, Cheryl! It's seriously crazy looking, I've had to cut it in half to fit it in my fridge, but you'll still get the idea. I'm thinking a little sushi with raw burdock later, just to try it in all it's forms!

  5. Marinated burdock in the sushi? I can buy burdock at my local health food store but it's in very small pieces. Wonder if there are different types of burdock or if they just cut it up.

  6. Marinating the burdock for sushi is a good call, I saw an Ani Phyo recipe where she just uses it straight up raw, but I may do a little marinade. I wonder if those little burdocks are a different variety, because when I usually see it it's these huuuuuge long things. or maybe it's baby burdock! haha.

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