Pancake Day!

Until recently I was only vaguely aware of the existence of “Pancake Day.”  Apparently it’s a very specific “last hurrah” pre-lent in certain cultures, meant to use up stores of eggs, butter and other such “extravagant” ingredients before the fast.  I’m not sure this translates well to a vegan, whole foods diet, but one of my friends has very specific, hilarious and fond memories of this day from her time living in Northern Ireland, and insisted we celebrate the day with some vegan, gluten free ‘cakes.  And syrup, and agave-fruit sauce, and a couple of delicious beverages.  Obviously, this was impossible to refuse.

A few of us a gathered at my place this evening, with some cherries, some agave, some cacao nibs, some gluten-free pancake mix, and some gluten-free beers and a few PBRs.  There was talk joke of vegan-izing and healthifying this “recipe”, which may or may not have resulted in pouring a New Grist GF beer into some GF pancake mix.  This may have resulted in a delicious, fluffy, bubbly ‘cake.  Who knew!?
Y’all know I’m usually a from-scratch girl, so I’ve never actually tried a GF mix for anything before, but this was surprisingly tasty.  Quite the treat for me too, as it turned out to be the closest to your usual “white flour,” diner type pancake, which I haven’t had in…ok, basically ever.  I guess this is what pancakes look like to most people?  I’m used to at least a pound of buckwheat, maybe some oats, cornmeal, quinoa and sorghum.  These sure were fluffy, though!  And I did manage to sneak in some “flax eggs,” for the record.
We went for some cherry sauce – frozen cherries + agave, some cacao nibs, coconut oil + salt for a “butter” effect, and obvs maple syrup.  The only syrup.
Delicious.  Now it’s time for some spring cleansing & detox.  Who’s in?!

6 thoughts on “Pancake Day!

  1. okay I'm in for the cleanse and detox, but not before I get my pancakes! And I don't like beer. I might just have to make me a hemp latte to go with those cakes! They look delish. But I'll probably use buckwheat and a few other gf flours. I have some quinoa flour in the freezer and some oat flour.

  2. Those definitely look like some serious pancakes. If only I had known! (well, I probably wouldn't have made pancakes but still)

  3. I've been trying to achieve that level of fluffiness forever!! I must buy this mix! Maybe the GF flours are better for the fluffy factor…

  4. Food Ninja is right! 'Fat Tuesday' at Ainslie's International House of Vegan pancakes was D-E-L-I-S-C-I-O-U-S & I now feel I have the strength to go forth and begin the great un-toxifiying :p Thanx !!!

  5. Bianca, this GF mix achieved shockingly fluffy pancakes, they were very very fluffy cake-like in texture, pretty yum. I recommend it if that's your goal. I also recommend using beer as the liquid, no joke, haha. The beer batch was even fluffier!

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