How to Have a Spontaneous Vegan Pizza Party!

What’s better than a spontaneous vegan pizza party?! Yeah, that’s right. Nothing. Hungry after our adventures wandering around the east end the other day, we were trying to decide on a dinner location, and type. Passing a local pizza joint that has a few vegan slices, I couldn’t contain my verbal drooling (wtf?!), to which one of our group declared that she had gluten free pizza crusts, toppings and Daiya cheese at home, a mere five minute walk from where we happened to be standing! Well, that’s a no-brainer. 

How to have a spontaneous vegan pizza party: have friends with well-stocked, vegan-friendly pantries!

Turns out, she had some O’Doughs individual-sized gluten free flax pizza crusts, a plethora of veggies and a brand new bag of Daiya cheddar shreds on offer! We set to work prepping our veggies and then each topped our own individual pie.

I obviously went the veg-crazy route – piling on mushrooms, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, hot banana peppers and the two super awesome and most important “secret ingredients” – crushed garlic and chopped kale! A recent discovery of mine revolutionized my homemade pizza world – layering kale leaves on top or at least near the top of a pizza creates a pizza TOPPED WITH KALE CHIPS. Yeah. Fuck yeah, vegan kale chip pizza that’s the name of my new tumblr account! What could be better?! No, seriously. What could be better? I hesitate to say this because of how much I adore it otherwise, but the Daiya is almost superfluous at this point. I would rather eat kale chips than most other foods ever, but we had a whole bag o’ Daiya, and I can’t resist, so on it went! 

This was a seriously delish, seriously classic lil’ pizza pie. I’d never had O’Doughs gluten free pizza crusts, but it seemed quite similar to their buns, which I have had, and it was by far the best non-homemade gluten free crust I’ve ever encountered. Any time I get the generally regrettable notion of ordering a restaurant’s gluten free pizza, well, it turns out to be generally regrettable. More often than not, it’s some sort of off-putting white rice, potato starch and corn flour concoction that tastes funny, is prone to burning, drying out, and going weirdly mushy all at the same time. Not so with these O’Doughs crusts. Slightly sweet, fluffy inside, and appropriately but not overly crispy in the crust, the gluten wasn’t even missed! There’s enough flax and texturey fibre bits to make it seem more whole-grainy than the usual white gluten-free crap I can’t stand. If you’re feeling like a quick pizza night, you could do a lot worse than these little crusts, so I’ll go ahead and recommend them.  It’s still a processed food, with a few more ingredients than I’m generally fond of, but providing it’s an occasional treat I see no problem. The box of four individual crusts came with 4 little sauce packets too, so grab some Daiya, slice a vegetable or two, and you’re on your way to a vegan pizza party like ours in less time than it usually takes for delivery to arrive!

We rounded out our pizza party with a couple slices of Choco Orange cashew cheesecake from Camros, just because. Wow, just. Wow. Seriously cacao-y, orangey, cheesecake-y and decadent. I’m not a huge fan of flavoured cheesecakes, my choice usually being a plain ol’ lemony cashew ‘cake, but orange + cacao totally hit the spot.

Camros is fast becoming one of my favourite places to grab a bite in the city, a trend which will likely continue as I will be moving into their neighborhood come June!  That’s right, you heard it here first.  Everyone is Vegan is on the move for summer!

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