Excursion to the East End: Mylk Uncookies in Cabbagetown!

“Dear Diary, today I was pompous and my sister was crazy. Today we were kidnapped by hillfolk never to be seen again. It was the best day ever.”

Okay, so I’m not living in an episode of Firefly and that didn’t happen, but if you read my diary last night I probably would have said it was the best day ever. If I had a diary. And wrote in it like that. Which I don’t. You can’t prove anything.

What was my best day ever? Yesterday, I had a delicious almond milk latte, walked about 12kms around the city in relatively unknown-to-me areas, saw sheep with dreadlocks, had a spontaneous vegan pizza party, and watched an awesome new DVD. It was the best day ever.

Today it snowed about 6 inches, so the whole walking 12kms around the city part seems like a bit of a dream, but the rest of it was a delicious, awesome reality. And most of it occurred in the east end. If you know much about me, you know that I’ve lived in Toronto for almost 5 years and the time I’ve spent in the east is more likely to be counted in minutes than anything. Ok, except for the year I spent going to school at Don Mills & Eglinton, but that was a harrowing commute I’d rather not speak of ever again.

Anyway, all that to say that my desire for delicious almond milk lattes, raw treats, and adventures after a winter of hibernation resulted in a little excursion to Cabbagetown to check out a new coffee shop I heard about on Twitter over the weekend, Mylk Uncookies. Located at 253 Gerrard St E @ Parliament, they’re making raw, vegan treats and fresh almond milk daily! What! It’s hard enough to find any old almond milk latte in this city, nevermind a cafe milking it’s own almonds! Truly worth a rare trip from west to east on one of the first and now apparently last days of spring!

I instructed a couple of friends to meet me at the cafe around 3pm, and apparently we arrived just in time, as we managed to procure the last three almond milk lattes of the day! Due to high demand, they’ve already had to double their daily almond milk batch, and it looks like even that is barely fulfilling the need. Between this and the epically enthusiastic response to the opening of Hot Beans in Kensington Market, Toronto seems more ready than I even realized for new and delicious vegan options.


There is no question that this almond milk is delicious, and by far the best almond milk latte I have had in this city, as the few shops using Almond Breeze from a tetra pak can’t hope to have that watery, metalic-tasting junk compare to rich, creamy homemade almond milk.

However, I get pretty nerdy all up in a coffee review, and I gotta say the coffee itself wasn’t as hardcore as I like it, and Sam James Coffee Bar still wins my heart with best soy latte, americano, and espresso shot in town. I have fantasies about the crema on those americanos, and the richness of the espresso shot.

Anyway, Mylk Uncookies has another trick up it’s sleeve – raw, vegan treats! I snagged the last “Carawmel” square on hand, a delicious, rich concoction of (I think?) walnuts, pecans, cacao, coconut and agave in several delicious layers. Seriously delish and unique.

One of my friends grabbed a cute and also delicious little Lucuma Bite, with cashews, coconut and lucuma, and the other had a tasty looking, but un-vegan gluten-free brownie.
It was totally worth the trek to Cabbagetown, and I’ll definitely be heading back – but likely a bit earlier in the day so as not to be disappointed by a lack of almond milk or treats!

Fuelled by caffeine and our vegan powers, we took a little stroll through Cabbagetown, ending up at Riverdale farm where we met some dread-locked sheep, cows, tree-climbing goats, a creepy staring donkey and other miscellany.

Our day ended with a spontaneous vegan pizza party, but you’ll have to come back for that one tomorrow! Daiya cheese and the best prepared gluten free pizza crust I’ve encountered thus far! Whoa. Also coming this week: homemade raw-ish sweet potato chips, “tuna” salad sammiches, and moooooore!  That’s right, my little blogging break (which you may or may not have even noticed, ha!) is over with a vengeance, friends.  

4 thoughts on “Excursion to the East End: Mylk Uncookies in Cabbagetown!

  1. Those treats look amazing!! … and the big difference for fresh, house made almond milk is…? sweet? creamy? almondy? ?

  2. sounds like a great place, mylk uncookies. we don't have anything so yummy here on the west coast. my personal favourite is the hemp milk latte and wildfire muffins I can get in Victoria. but alas, it is tetra pak hemp milk, no one personally milking the hemp.

  3. Love this place! The almond milk is really delicious — very creamy, has a nice almondy taste that goes really well with coffee. It’s nice and bright inside too.

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