Camros Organic Eatery

Sometimes an empty plate says it all.  I’ve been wanting to try Camros Organic Eatery in Toronto for ages now, but rarely find myself around Yonge & Bloor, and definitely not when I’m hungry.  Yesterday, some friends and I finally made a point of grabbing lunch at Camros, but by the time we got our food and made our way back to a friend’s apartment, we were so hungry everything was devoured before I realized I neglected to snap some photos!  Rest assured, it looked as delicious as it tasted.

Camros has a variety of veggie-packed, homemade vegan stews and salads that you can make up your own combos from, and apparently the menu rotates so next time it will be different!  So exciting.  This time we chose an amazingly rich chickpea & squash stew, creamy vegan lima bean and dill stew, Persian lentils, raw kale salad (with beets!) and a yummy curry-flavoured lentil patty.

All that remained were three empty take-away boxes, scraped clean.  Now that I know the magic of Camros, I’ll definitely be heading back – and taking some pictures!

…and I’ll probably grab a slice of vegan cheesecake, while I’m at it.

3 thoughts on “Camros Organic Eatery

  1. Ok! Looks fabulous! When can we go! … Has inspired me to make an aromatic Perdian pilaf for an upcoming Sangha potluck!

  2. …you can tell which take-out box was mine, the one that is LITERALLY scraped clean.

  3. Hi Ainslee,
    so glad you enjoyed the food. We always love to see scraped plates!

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