Bounty Bar Bites! Raw Vegan Chocolate Returns!

After a long day of awesomeness, nawesomeness (that’s not awesome, obvs), a strenuous but much needed yoga class and a little less productivity than I would have liked, I decided to shake it all off the best way I know how – in the kitchen!

When I’m feeling vaguely out-of-sorts, restless or weird, nothing puts me back on track like a little play time in the kitchen.  I’ve been wanting to get back at some raw chocolate recipe development lately, and tonight was the night.  I have a mission to create a creme egg-esque Easter treat, a mission which I embarked upon tonight, with little success in the creme egg development, but much success in creating coconut+chocolate magic!

There’s no real recipe here, just my Basic Easy Peasy Raw Chocolate template coating some little coconut butter and cashew bites!  I’m not sure I’ve ever actually eaten a Bounty chocolate bar, but this is what I imagine it to be like.  Except, y’know, this is totally waaaaaaaay better.

Let’s say I did approximately this:

2 parts raw cashews
1 part coconut butter
1/2 part coconut oil
1/2 part agave syrup
dash of salt

All blended up in the food processor, with the coconut butter/oil having been softened first.  I plopped little balls of this mixture on a plate, threw them in the freezer until hard, and then dunked ’em in chocolate!

The insides are chewy, coconutty, sweet and salty, with crisp chocolate shells.  Mmmmmmm.

Then I made a couple of what we’ll call Lazy Girl Peanut Butter Cups with the leftover chocolate, some pb & salt.  Ohhhhh yeeeeeah.

I’ve got more chocolatey ideas up my sleeve for easter, just you wait.  I’ll likely be doing another little chocolate sale like the Valentine’s one, so keep your eyes peeled over on Facebook for the inside scoop on that!

I’ve got some other exciting things on the horizon, which I’ll be sharing soon enough.  For now, there’s chocolate.  Let’s just enjoy that!

9 thoughts on “Bounty Bar Bites! Raw Vegan Chocolate Returns!

  1. you best put some of those in the mail! I always want to eat what you're eating only I'm mostly too lazy!

  2. Those Bounty Bites look great. Coconut/chocolate is one of my favorite flavor combinations – I think even more so than chocolate/peanut butter!

  3. As someone with final exams looming, all I can say is THANK YOU AINSLIE FOR YOUR IMPORTANT WORK!

  4. haha, glad you guys like the look of these! I think I ended up liking the chewy "bounty bites" more than the peanut butter cups! chocolate/coconut is sooooooo good.

  5. These look grat.. but I always thought coconut oil and coconut butter were the same thing.. are they not?

  6. Confusingly, some sources refer to coconut oil as "coconut butter," but there's a newer product being made now that is simple pureed, dehydrated coconut flesh that is being called "coconut butter," as the oil itself is simply the OIL form the coconut! Confusing enough? Haha. Here's my recipe for making your own coconut butter from shredded coconut, and the post includes a link to Artisana's "coconut butter" product –

    Hope that helps!

  7. I just made these, it was my first experiment using both coconut oil and stevia. They are soooo nice. I live in Australia though, and it’s Summer, so the coconut oil was very very soft. I had to put the coconut mixture into the fridge for about 15 minutes before it was firm enough to handle and then I just dropped them into mini patty pans and topped them up with chocolate. These were phenomenal! =) And so quick and easy to make!!

    1. That’s awesome, glad you liked them! Coconut oil is such a chameleon, it’s winter here so mine is completely solid and butter-like right now, but in summer it goes liquid. Thanks for commenting :)

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