Are You Ready to Shed the Winter BLAHS?!

Friends!  You didn’t miss anything, I indeed broke my rules and did not post on the blog yesterday.  Had a busy day, and I’ve been in a rule breakin’ kinda mood lately, so I posted a little offer over on my Facebook in lieu of blogging.  What was that offer?  Well, you’ll have to head over to Facebook to find out!

Just kidding.  I’ll tell you a bit about it.  But you’ll still have to hit up my Facebook page to get the real details!

It’s almost spring, which means it’s almost the best time of year to kick-start your diet, shed the winter blahs, do a bit of cleansing and get healthy, energized and awesome for bathing suit season the warmer months ahead!  What better way to get healthy than by learning the how’s and why’s of eating more delicious, unprocessed, plant-based meals?!

In honour of this, I’m offering up a little deal on all of my nutritional coaching services, as well as private and group food prep classes! If you head on over to Facebook, and mention that deal when you book with me, you’ll get 15% off any service until the end of March!

If you think this sounds intriguing but you’re not exactly sure what I can do for you, I’m doing complimentary 30-minute phone or Skype calls where we can get to know each other and figure out where you’re at.

If you’re in Toronto and want to learn some hands-on, Everyone Is Vegan-style kitchen magic, I’ll come to you and show you how to cook up a vegan storm, from scratch, in your own kitch!  If you ask me, that’s the most fun we can have.  Hell, even especially if you’re not in Toronto and you wanna get me to where you are, let’s talk.  Accepting offers from New York and California first and foremost. Kidding.  Not Really.

This awesome little sale is going until the end of March, but there are a limited number of spaces available, so act quick if you wanna snag some of my time!  I can’t clone myself, guys.

Head over to Facebook to see a run-down on my coaching sessions, recipe makeovers, epic nutritional assessments and cooking classes at the Everyone Is Vegan Spring Cleaning Nutrition Sale on Facebook!

5 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Shed the Winter BLAHS?!

  1. Does recipe makeovers include ingredient/pantry make over? Easy substitution for better and more nutritious ingredients?

  2. Just participated in some art "coaching". I was so impressed. Such a great way to kickstart something in your life! Really gives you the energy to move to the next level that you often can't quite muster on your own.

    Sounds like a great way to move into Spring which I'm hoping is just around this rainy, cool, corner.

  3. Awesome! I hope that people take advantage of your sale! I'm off to like your page..

  4. I'd love a recipe makeover of my mother's bran muffins. Here's a challenge, I will send it to you. I'd like it to be gluten free vegan and a little bit lower fat than the original recipe. I love muffins but seldom eat them these days

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