A Vegan Travel How-To!

Basically, the only piece of advice you need as a travelling vegan is: be prepared!  If I’ve learned anything from my frequent cross-country flights and Toronto-NYC bus trips, it’s NEVER take for granted the possibility of finding edible, nutritious vegan food on travel days.  I know that once I arrive in New York or Victoria or Vancouver I’ll be well fed, but the possibilities of finding anything I would care to eat in a Canadian airport or rest-stop is basically nil.  So, I’ve learned to pack snacks and foods like a champ.

I’m headed off to NYC via bus on a super-secret mission tomorrow (not! but you’ll have to wait until the end of the post to find out my mission!), and fortunately bus travel affords a little more leniency in what I can pack than air travel does these days.  Learn from my mistakes, friends.  NO SPREADABLES ALLOWED through airport security.  Yeah, this means that your innocent little tub of hummus or guac will be confiscated, and you will be SADFACE and then hungryface (insert joke here re: racial profiling of foodstuffs).

That said, I’ve packed myself a little smorgasboard of homemade chickpea hummus,

veggies galore for rollin’ and dippin’

some of my roasted chickpeas, and a batch of experimental Vega-style energy bars!

These puppies have got walnuts, brazil nuts, dates, cacao, chia seeds, hemp seeds and some Vega Shake & Go, my new favourite of the Vega protein powders.  This one doesn’t taste like barf, even just mixed into water!  Whoa. I’m packing along the rest of this shake powder for quick b’fasts before we leave the hotel.  I have a tendency to get hangry in the a.m. if I’m not fed promptly, so this is a precautionary measure for all parties involved.  It’s all about knowing your habits and needs, and making sure they’re taken care of!

I’ll also be packing a few apples, an avocado and a swiss army knife for putting all this sheet together for a little bus picnic.

I’ve got a long list of eating prepped for the city, including Angelica, Candle Cafe, Viva Pizza, Quintessence, Rockin’ Raw and maaaaybe some Foodswings in Brooklyn.  I may have a little mid-week recap for you guys, but while I’m off frolicking on foreign soil, I have a few awesome guestposts lined up!  Maud over at Food Feud will be talking traditional New York immigrant food with a healthy spin, Chris from Rawsome Coaching will share a tip on going raw, a special someone from Zen Dot Studio will share a fave salad dressing, and there miiiiiiiiight just be another super secret awesome guest in there somewhere too!  I’m pretty excited to showcase a bit of the Everyone Is Vegan community, so thanks to these awesome friends for participating!

My main mission this week, however, is a little viewing of Billie Joe as St Jimmy in the American Idiot Broadway musical.  As a rule I generally hate musicals (exception: Joss Whedon), so this is likely the first and last time I will ever see a Broadway show, but what can I say.  I’m a child of ’90s punk rock.  Green Day, Operation Ivy and Screeching Weasel taught me everything I needed to know about life.  This is a ridiculous opportunity I cannot pass up.  And apparently this show is good, or something?

6 thoughts on “A Vegan Travel How-To!

  1. Hope you have an awesome time! Though really, it's hard not to a great time in NYC :)

    If you get the chance to visit Lula's Sweet Apothecary (or a repeat visit) it's totally worth it!

  2. I love things that don't taste like barf! Those bars sound perfect!
    Also, I actually heard really good things about American Idiot even though I wanted to hate it…Oh Billie Joe.

  3. I love your travel post.. while I was just in NYC, you are right that eating in the big cities is much easier… but next week, I am heading to San Antonio where I will have limited transport and time while at a conference. I will definitely be packing some tasty treats to bring with me. Good call on the hummus (will pack) but be careful about fruit crossing into the US – that is a no go.

    As well, for your ultimate New York bagel fix, Ess-A-Bagel has different kinds of vegan tofu spreads for your choice of vegan bagels. I really liked the scallion tofu spread. :)

  4. "Green Day, Operation Ivy and Screeching Weasel taught me everything I needed to know about life."

    Me too!!! I was so into anything on Lookout Records in high school. I wanna see American Idiot so bad. I'm a huge fan of musical theater, and this is the perfect marriage of showtunes and punk rock. Only Green Day could pull that off.

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