The Secret to a Successful Breakfast!

How exciting does that sound?!  The secret to breakfast?  I know, right.  Awesome!

It’s pretty simple, to be honest, but a lot of breakfasts fall short.  Let’s think about what we want from our breakfast, and then how to get there.

We want:

– to stay full until lunchtime, or at least until a reasonable mid-morning snack-time
– to eat something energizing, not energy-sucking, so we’re all geared up for the day, not read to zzzzzzz until coffee break
– to hydrate our bodies after a night of resting/fasting (“break” “fast” get it?  “does the word duh mean anything to you?” /Buffy)

Pretty effin’ simple, right?  So, how do we do this?  We:

– drink a big ol’ glass of water BEFORE breakfast (like this: wake up. drink water. then do other stuff.)
– eat some protein, fibre and healthy fats to balance blood sugar (stay full longer, feel alert, feel sane/balanced emotionally)
– eat some protein, fibre, complex (un-refined) carbs and healthy fats for that “stick to your ribs” feeling of slower-burning nutrients
– eat some fresh fruits and/or veggies for hydration, fibre, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, alkalizing effects (all of these things will equal mucho morning energy! woot!)

To accomplish all of this in the short time we often have for morning endeavours, I’m a fan of a BIG smoothie with nuts, seeds, fruit, leafy greens, maaaaybe a protein powder or some beans.  Yeah, beans.  I put beans in smoothies sometimes.  Get over it.  They’re full of fibre, protein, complex (ie slow burning) carbs, iron, calcium, and if you use white beans or chickpeas in a fruity smoothie, you won’t taste ’em, same goes for black beans in a chocolatey smoothie.

This is one of my fave winter smoothies, including greens, beans, nuts, fruit and cinnamon.  Cinnamon also helps with balancing blood sugar, which helps to keep you feeling full and less cranky-pants-McGee in the am.  Good deal, no?

Want to know what else is awesome about this?  Beans & nuts generally combine to form a complete plant-based source of protein.  Leafy greens also contain a bunch of protein, and oz-for-oz kale has more calcium than milk.  When you blend your greens, most of the work is done for your body and you’ll digest those nutrients in a jiffy.  In a jiffy?  Who the eff says that?!

Anyway, this smoothie is the complete breakfast all of those “part of a complete breakfast” shitfest sugary breakfast foods claim to be.  Fibre, protein, carbs, calcium, fruits, veggies, delicious flavour.  Done and done!

Banana Bread Green Smoothie

1 ripe banana
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp walnuts
1/2 cup any type cooked white bean
1 1/2 cups water (or more for thinner smoothie)
1-2 cups baby spinach or kale

Blend banana, cinnamon, walnuts and water until smooth.  Add greens in small handfuls until fully blended.  Use one cup of baby spinach for a “baby’s first green smoothie” if you’re not a regular greens drinker, yet.  Or go for two cups of roughly chopped kale if you’re hardcore.  Or, you know, anywhere in between.

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m feeling a little punchy today.  Busy week.  Contractor coming first thing in am to rip our bathroom out and give us a knew one.  It’s almost nutritionist bed time at chez Everyone’s Veegz.

8 thoughts on “The Secret to a Successful Breakfast!

  1. I have to admit to be inspired by Mel @ Melomeals, I tried her beans-in-oatmeal trick and was like "what breakfast CAN'T I put beans in?!" Just seems more whole food-y than pea protein or whatever!

  2. Love it! Beans in smoothies are sooo good! I hope people realize how yummy they can be.. and so good for you. when you think of it.. soymilk is just soybeans… so why not white beans?

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