Raw Two-Bite Brownies!

Oh geez, more chocolate.  Bummer, right?  NOT.

What happens when you put walnuts, medjool dates, cacao/cocao/carob powder, salt and dried cherries in a food processor?

Magic, apparently.  This magic, with added crunchy cacao nibs:

This recipe is from Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People by Jennifer Cornbleet, a super simple, no fuss, no fancy junk required, basic raw food book that I would recommend to anyone interested in exploring raw food a bit.  You don’t need a dehydrator or $500 blender or expensive superfoods or a million hours for prep time for her recipes.

I mean, brownies in like 10 minutes?  That’s a no brainer.

3 thoughts on “Raw Two-Bite Brownies!

  1. Hell yeah! I almost made these tonight. However – where do you get raw dried cherries from? I think most of mine are mixed with sunflower oil or something and not really raw (TJ).

  2. Hey Susan – I actually haven't posted a recipe for this – the brownies pictured here are a recipe from a book called 'Raw Food Made Simple For 1 or 2 People' by Jennifer Cornbleet, which I LOVE, and didn't want to rip off her recipe! I'm working on one of my own which I will hopefully have up soon-ish. sorry for the tease 😉

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