Raw Coconut Green Curry!

Sometimes, when my every-now-and-then coffee habit slips back into a one-a-day coffee habit and I start feeling a little strung out, a little need-my-fix-y, and I start craving (and obliging the cravings for) bread and more grains than I know my body can handle – it’s time for a reset.

My reset is always raw food.  Fresh veggies, fruits, tons of leafy greens and omega-3 packed nuts and seeds are like my nutritional home base.  It’s where I feel the most energized, the most emotionally balanced, the most hydrated, and the most well-rested after a night’s sleep.  I love knowing there’s always this to come back to, my raw food reset button.

I’ve been feeling it creeping up on me over the past week, and after some sweet vegan nachos and a couple of beers last night, I woke up knowing it was time for a dietary do-over week.  I went straight for the green smoothie in the a.m., navigated my way through a big lunch salad topped with the last of my leftover weekend gallo pinto, and then arrived home from yoga at 9pm ravenous and looking for something fast, raw, and extra delish.

Enter a little makeshift raw Coconut Green Curry.  I say makeshift, because it only loosely resembles an authentic Thai Green Curry (half the ingredients are missing or slightly wrong), and I whipped it up in about 5 minutes.  That doesn’t mean it didn’t hit the spot, wasn’t delicious, and I’m not going to be working on perfecting this recipe!

So, yeah, that means no exact measurements for now, but it looked like this:

And had this in it:

coconut butter
lime juice
jalapeno pepper
fresh ginger
fresh garlic
sea salt

zuc noodles
carrot noodles
red cabbage
red baby bok choy (new fave!)

The sauce is nearly soup-like, as all the best green curries are, and could totally be modified to be eaten as a soup.  Or a salad dressing.

I’ll have a few more quick & easy raw food recipes throughout the week, as I do my mini-cleanse/diet rest, in the midst of some wacky business and life endeavours.  Check me over on Facebook for more info on the wacky business endeavours.  Hint: involves chocolate!

3 thoughts on “Raw Coconut Green Curry!

  1. it's like green bok choy, but the insides of the leaves are red! delicious!

    try hemp seeds instead of coconut? just make a hemp milk in a similar consistency to coconut milk? bit of a different flavour, but similar idea!

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