NYC Recap Pt 1: Vegan Treats

Yup, you guessed it.  We’re doing dessert first.  I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, generally, but I can still get pretty excited about awesome vegan desserts, like these two that I wolfed down on Wednesday in New York City.

I’m sure you can guess that my favourite sweets are usually raw, and or/gluten free.  Stuff that tastes amazing, but won’t leave you feeling like crap or with an unseemly blood sugar spike/crash.  Treats so healthy that even a nutritionist can justify eatening one of them more or less for breakfast.

After a bit of a slow start on Wednesday morning, including a little lemon water and some Vega Shake & Go in the hotel room, I pointed us in the direction of the Chelsea Market, home to the second location of One Lucky Duck, the sweet little juice bar/take-away outlet of Pure Food & Wine.

After looking at all the delicious options, I decided I was more in the mood for a snack to go with a coffee than a juice or salad, so I grabbed a little raw, vegan moon pie to go.  Crunchy raw chocolate coated brownie and “vanilla cream” that tasted like the most delicious cheesecake, this little guy was pricey but totally worth every carefully-rationed bite.

I grabbed the aforementioned coffee in the form of an americano from Ninth Street Espresso, also in the market.  Until recently, I’ve always felt NYC coffee to be lacking in the really delicious category.  If you called me a coffee nerd, you wouldn’t be wrong, so the watery diner, deli and ubiquitous Starbucks all over the city just doesn’t do it for me.  I made it my business this time to seek out some better options, and Ninth Street didn’t disappoint.  We also stumbled across El Beit in Williamsburg, brewing up some obviously delicious 49th Parallel beans.

9th Street americano

Suprisingly, that very afternoon, while wandering around the East Village and Lower East Side, I got a hankering for Babycakes, and steered us in the direction of sweet treats once more.  I’ve had my share of Babycakes cupcakes and cookies in the past, so decided it was time to branch out in the direction of a donut.  The donuts are gluten free, but do contain cane sugar.  Not my usual M.O., but I do make the odd exception when I know it will be worth it!  And hoooo boy, was it worth it.  I went for the chocolate & sprinkles option, obvs.  It had a cook cakey texture and, like most things Babycakes, nothing “this is definitely gluten free” about it, just pure deliciousness.

That was it for sweet treats on our trip, but there are definitely more delicious eats to come your way, plus a review of Toronto’s own brand spankin’ new vegan taco & burrito take-away joint in Kensington Market, Hot Beans.  They were my first stop upon returning to “el toro,” where I gobbled up some amazing yuba “chicken” and jackfruit “pulled pork” tacos, creamy vegan coleslaw and a decidedly un-gluten free, but crazy delicious caramel glazed donut.

3 thoughts on “NYC Recap Pt 1: Vegan Treats

  1. Yummmyyyy… donuts & 49th!! and that moon pie…sounds like nothing left but the crumbs! But, how does all that stack up against a giant raw Gorilla Foods Jungle salad?! Just asking.

  2. mmmm, a giant Gorilla salad sounds pretty good too, but might be a bit sloppy for eating & walking!

  3. Oh I've wanted to try One Lucky Duck but they seem a little too pricey for me. Glad it was worth it though, and glad it was rationed! I wouldn't have been able to keep from glomming it.

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