Mini NYC Update & Photo Tour!

Hi friends!  Just thought I would pop in with a little taste of what my NYC visit has looked like so far.  One more day here tomorrow, then on an early bus back to Toronto Saturday.  It’s been mostly non-stop eating, walking, American Idiot-ing and general ridiculousness.  I’ll do a full-on recap and review some foodstuffs when I’m back home, but here’s a little picture preview!

This is what a Babycakes NYC donut looks like when it’s crossing the street:

This is what a falafel salad from Maoz looks like after you randomly acquire front row centre tickets to American Idiot for $27 (it tasted like shocksurpriseexcitementdisbelief):

This is what the curtain at American Idiot looks like from front row centre (not pictured: gobs of spit from actors & Billie Joe landing on face & hoodie):

This is what a One Lucky Duck (raw, vegan) moon pie for breakfast at the Chelsea Market looks like (expensive but delicious):

This is what my favourite Joe Strummer mural by Tompkins Square Park looks like:

Yup, that was all Day One.  You’ll have to stay tuned for deets, and further adventures!

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