Jack Donaghy Is The Reason I’m Vegan!

As you may have heard by now, Oprah had a show on veganism yesterday.  To say I didn’t care for the approach they took is putting it mildly.  I don’t get in anyone’s face about animal rights very often, but that ethical issue is at the root of my veganism and it’s something I feel strongly about.  To see footage from a slaughterhouse that Oprah, Michael Pollan and a Cargill spokesperson labeled “humane” slaughter of cattle made me want to barf and cry, to say the least.

Being vegan, not contributing to the suffering and death of any animal is just what feels right to me.  At this point, I’ve been vegan or vegetarian for most of my life and it brings me such a sense of peace, a sense of happiness and awesomeness.  I love being vegan.  It’s awesome and delicious and I’m pretty sure nothing’s life is more important than my appetite, and I eat a wider variety of food now than ever before in my life so I don’t see any reason to turn back.

And that’s that.  I’ve got about seven minutes left in this day to finish my promised blog post, so…I’m going to let Alec Baldwin say the rest?  No joke, this is what got me back on the vegan wagon a few years ago after being just veg and “whatever” for a while.  Well, this and a delicious no cheese pizza eaten on a friend’s floor at 3am.  Good times.

If that made you sad, watch this!

3 thoughts on “Jack Donaghy Is The Reason I’m Vegan!

  1. Right you are! Slaughter is still slaughter, words such as "humane" used to justify the the action. "no, just a little butter"!

  2. I haven't been able to watch the Oprah vegan stuff b/c I'm at work when it comes on. But I feel the same way about that "humane farm" dude in Food Inc. He's all talking about how awesome his farm is while he's slaughtering chickens. Ugh.

  3. A "humane slaughterhouse" would be funny if it wasn't so fucked up, ditto that guy in Food Inc. It's one of those situations that honestly makes me want to crawl inside someone's brain to see how it functions because I just don't. get. it.

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