It’s Leaving Time!

Sigh.  My time in New York is nearly up.  I’ll be getting on a cheap bus far too early in the a.m. with a large bag of produce I plan on devouring before I arrive at the border to avoid any drama.  Did I mention my avocado was confiscated on the way down here?  And my friend’s avocado was not?  No comment, is my only comment about that.

We had a pretty sweet time here, despite being caught in a torrential downpour on our way to lunch in Williamsburg this afternoon.  Like, summer thunderstorm downpour.  Which let up and turn into some seriously epic winds by this evening.  The food and shoes and walking and exploring were amazing and I can’t wait until I have time to really sit down and recount them for y’all.

In other news, good friend of mine is moving to the East Village for the summer, which means I’ll be back down here in a few short months to do all the things I didn’t have time for now and eat all the food I couldn’t stuff into my face in the last three days.

some important/artistic East Village graffiti

3 thoughts on “It’s Leaving Time!

  1. Food-wise, this is not relevant to this blog whatsoever, but a friend of mine tried to bring a whole beef brisket back from Schwartz's on a plane from Mtl a few years ago. It was in her carry on, and was confiscated because the amount of liquid in a roast apparently exceeds the allowable amount. It could be a bomb! In your guts!

  2. erica – one of my friends definitely "smuggled" a brisket from Schwartz's on a plane to the west coast when we lived in Montreal. in the tradition of inconsistent customs & security officers, she was not bothered at all, and I'm pretty sure this was also after the "no liquids allowed" rule came into effect. no meat bombs allowed!

    foodfeud – it was the "free ja rule" that really set me off about this wall and required picture-taking. we were near-hysterical for blocks.

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