Guest Post #3: How to Integrate the New & Exciting Into Everyday Life!

Here’s our last guest post, friends.  I’m on my way back home as we speak after an amazing time in New York City eating, exploring and being inspired by cool people doing stuff they love.  I thought it fitting to end my week of travel and exploring new restaurants and places with a post about how we can find a way to integrate the excitement we feel when we discover something new into our everyday lives, in a sustainable way.  This inspiring little tid-bit is by Chris Gay of Rawsome Coaching and Rawsome Living Foods.  Chris has a knack for asking poignant questions that can help us get to the source of where we might be stuck with diet or lifestyle, which can free us up to move forward.  She offers coaching focused on finding sustainable ways to integrate more healthy, living foods into your diet in simple ways.  She blogs at Rawsome Coaching and offers monthly advice in the amazing Rawsome Living Foods Newsletter

‘Our being is subject to all the chances of life. There are so many things we are capable of, that we could be or do. The possibilities are so great that we never, any of us, are more than one fourth fulfilled.”  – Katherine Anne Porter

Have you ever attended a class on preparing raw living foods or ate at a raw food eatery, felt completely inspired and experienced ‘NEWS’?

Everything you are shown and taste is novel and nothing like you have experienced before.

Everything seems exciting, possible and like something you want to try for yourself.

As a few days pass and you haven’t introduced more raw living food into your diet, you begin to wonder how you could ever make the shift.

As the week passes on, you find yourself eating and doing things the same old way.

Inspiration doesn’t have to be a momentary thing. It can be sustained and is easier than you think. Sometimes it just takes adding in one more raw fruit or vegetable into your diet in a day.

Self-Coaching Activity:
1. What’s one time in the day you could substitute packaged or processed food with either a fruit or vegetable?
2. What’s one meal you could substitute in the day with a salad or a smoothie?
3. What’s one more dark leafy green vegetable you could add into your diet?

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  1. Thanks for the opportunity to guest on your blog. Wonderful to read about the food you ate and to almost feel like we could reach out and touch the One Lucky Duck treat. Time to go back there for sure. Stay well. Chris.

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