Guest Post #2: You CAN Make Friends With Salad!

Here it is, friends, our second super special guest post.  I am having even more fun in NYC than expected, which I will recount in full in a few days, but for now, Carole from ZenDotStudio is going to talk salads, and what to put on them!  She’s got some super delish recipes for low-fat, veggie-ful dressings to up the nutrient content of any salad.  Enjoy!

So if Food Feud is reflecting her Irish heritage by sharing her recipe 
for colcannon then I must be descended from rabbits as I’m gonna talk 
salad.  In my mind salad is the perfect raw food.  It’s easy, it’s 
nutritious, it’s fast.  And really my body is happiest if I feed it 
salad for dinner pretty much every night.

The only problem with this is it can get a bit boring.  And in truth I 
am a taste junky.  I like varied and rich flavours;  a little salt, a 
little sweet, something sour, something rich and creamy.  So to keep 
my taste buds and my body both happy I need to get creative in the 
salad dressing department.  A little splash of flax oil and lemon just 
doesn’t do it for me, night after night.

Salad is pretty much of a no brainer, right?  A little lettuce, some 
tomato (are those round pink things in the store right now really 
tomatoes?), cucumber. some sprouts.  I like to vary the contents of 
the bowl and respond to what’s in the grocery store.  Right now I’m 
loving the organic slicing cucumbers I’m finding, dandelion greens, 
romaine, some shredded beet, shredded carrot and crunchy mung bean 
sprouts.  When the zucchini look good I will spiralize some and toss 
them in and sometimes those delicious little grape tomatoes are in my 
budget.  And of course avocado, the crown on the salad, that always 
raises the bar in the salad department.

And then there’s the toppings, sometimes I skip these and go light but 
if I’m feeling the need for something more filling or need a taste 
injection I might add some walnuts or pumpkin seeds, some smoked tofu 
shaved on a mandolin, a handful of chick peas or a splash of hummus.  
The options are endless really.  Fling a bunch of sauerkraut onto the 
bowl.  Sometimes I just stare into the fridge for a while to see what 
will jump out.  Is that pickle juice in my eye?

But what’s really important to me is the dressing.  Here’s a couple of 
quick and tasty ones that I love.

Artichoke Dressing

1 can of artichokes (not the ones in oil in the jar)
1 clove of garlic
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp frozen basil (or any herbs you have on hand to taste)
1 tbsp lecithin granules (this makes it creamy)
1 c water
1/2 lemon squeezed

Throw it all in the blender and blitz.  Presto!  Yummy, creamy salad 
dressing.  Artichokes have a good reputation for supporting gallbladder function, and 
lecithin is a cholesterol fighter.

Zucchini Dressing (no fat)
(based on a dressing from Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine by Gabriel 

2 c chopped zucchini
1 – 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar or lemon juice
1 tbsp olive or flax oil
1 tbsp Italian seasoning (I use frozen basil)
1 tsp salt.

Blitz in the blender and enjoy.  Makes about 2 cups.

Tahini Dressing

1/2 c tahini
2 cloves garlic
1 tsp salt
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 c water
handful of parsley &/or cilantro

Toss in the blender.  Blitz and enjoy.

I also love Everyone Is Vegan’s sour cream & onion kale chip sauce watered down to dressing strength for a salad.

So in honour of Ainslie  taking in the Green Day musical I 
think we should all eat a big bowl of greens.  She’s probably feasting 
on pizza or noodles and will be craving a great big ol’ salad when she 
gets home!

3 thoughts on “Guest Post #2: You CAN Make Friends With Salad!

  1. Mmmmmm…. are there bowls big enough to hold all that salad! Sometimes just changing up the cut of some veg (spiralize, shaved, julienne) can make a difference to big bowls; also, nuts and avocado for sure!

  2. This is a great post! Very funny, even about serious talk about salads. The artichoke dressing sounds great especially.
    Oh, and even if we aren't all descended from rabbits, we're at least related – that's why we don't want to eat them!

  3. I love artichokes, garlic and tahini and will definitely be trying the artichoke dressing as well as the tahini one.

    Thanks for these ideas!

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