I made this mish mash toasty breakfast one day last week, when I wanted something more substantial than a smoothie, but couldn’t quite decide what I wanted.  Solution?  Put some of all the flavours I was considering onto a couple slices of sprouted bread, and Bob’s you’re uncle.

Then I noticed Dianne over at Singer Eats had posted about a similar predicament, and titled it “Everything Toast.”  I love it!  I’m a frequently indecisive eater.  Almond butter? Banana? Salt? Cinnamon? Cacao?  I want it all!

Rest assured, my greedy little breakfast was delish!  I encourage you to go crazy with some toast toppings, after all, more toppings = more variety = more nurtition!

Dianne also passed the “Stylish Blogger” award to me, but I’m going to save that for tomorrow, because it’s totally bedtime for bonzo over here.