Can You Eat YOUR Moisturizer?

Well, can you?

That’s the “moisturizer” I’ve been using this winter.  Well, this is the upgraded version.  Previously, I was using 100% extra virgin coconut oil with a drop of essential oil.  Now, I’m using about 50% extra virgin coconut oil, 50% raw cacao butter and a drop of an essential oil blend.

All of these ingredients?  They come from my kitchen.  So, obviously I have no problem slathering this delicious, coconut-y and chocolatey scented concoction all over my wind-and-dish-water chapped hands, or all over my entire body after a shower.

Edible Moisturizer

1 part extra virgin coconut oil
1 part cacao butter (optional)
few drops essential oil of choice
Melt oils over a double boiler, add a couple drops of essential oil, transfer to a small glass pot.  Slather your dry winter skin in delicious oils!

Everything that comes into contact with your skin is absorbed into your body, processed and detoxified by your liver.  Especially all of those awesome chemicals and whatevers in conventional body “care” products.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty sure that after a decade and a half of hormone-disrupting-chemical and ammonia filled hair dyes and make-up, my little liver could use a break.

This is only one of many exciting steps along the path to becoming a Total Fucking Hippy, and if you would like to join me, I encourage you to go into your kitchen, grab some coconut oil and start covering yourself in it.  If you don’t have any coconut oil yet, ask the next hippy you see where the closest natural foods store is, and go fetch some!  I heard a rumour that it can be used to make some delicious, healthy chocolate, too!

4 thoughts on “Can You Eat YOUR Moisturizer?

  1. I’m like you ;)! I’ve got a preggo belly rub (and what could be better!!) that is made from organic cocoa butter, org. virgin coconut oil, org. olive oil, org. jojoba. Things like that make me so happy, you know? feels good! Now that tops it for us for the best moisturizer (and the cleanest! and the smartest!!!) out there huh!! Makes me just want to make all that stuff homemade in the future, but just adjust recipes for the absorbency where on the body and when needed. Which is what I will do! So I will be major hippy, I guess!! :)

    1. great to hear you’ve made the switch to natural body care! I’m planning on some more homemade experiments with other things, like deodorant, soon!

    1. I quit dying my hair about a year and a half ago after really researching all the chemicals in traditional hair dyes, because I had been using crappy drugstore brand hair dyes for a good 15 years, blech. I’ve used the “Herbatint” brand from natural foods stores in the past, but it’s not so great either. About the only thing I would recommend is henna-based dyes – I’m not sure what the brand is called, but one of the healthfood stores I shop at has a line of henna-based dyes including colours like black (my dye of choice in the past!), browns and the usual henna reds. If you’re curious about any specific products, I would recommend looking up their ingredients on this website to see how safe or scary they are –

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