Blood Orange Massacre

Sometimes, all I want is fruit.  That’s not so interesting to blog about, but damn is it ever delicious.

There may or may not be splatters of red between the keys of my MacBook.  Eating and interwebbing, not recommended.

I’m planning a quick trip to NYC next week, and realizing this 100 days of blogging deal may suffer.  Anyone want to write a guest post on super short notice?  Haha.

ALSO, taking suggestions of everyone’s fave vegan resto’s in NYC.  It’s been a while since I’ve spent much time in the city, obvs eating is one of the main highlights, and I’d love to branch out a little, so.  Suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Blood Orange Massacre

  1. Where have you been before? I live here but hardly ever eat out so I don't have too many recommendations (some are from my BF) and most are in the same area where I work but –
    -Angelica's is super delicious and so clean tasting. A little pricey though. They get busy but also have a takeaway window. (12th St. and 2nd Ave.)
    -Kate's Joint at 4th and B has more comfort foods (and more specifically vegan stuff since I've been there last).
    -Viva Pizza on 2nd ave between 12 and 11th street is a pretty cheap pizza place with vegan options – and an all-greens pizza!
    -Sacred Chow is pretty great in the West Village on Sullivan St. south of W.4th street.
    Brooklyn, if yr there has a lot of stuff in Williamsburg:
    -Foodswings, which is also kind of greasy "comfort food" but is gross/good if yr into that kind of thing. (Grand ave. near Roebling)
    -Bliss and another one I can't remember are right near each other on the same block on Bedford ave. near North 7 st. but I've never been to either though I hear great things.
    -ALSO! Rockin' Raw, which I've also never been to but would love to go – you should and tell me about it! – is right around there too on North 8 st.

    Is that enough?? Enjoy your visit!
    I could also write you a guest post if you'd like, if you want any particular direction, let me know!

  2. I was in NYC this weekend and really liked Candle Cafe (had wanted to go to Candle 79 but they were all booked up). Totally recommend their collard wraps and vegan lasagna. The paradise casserole was good, too, with plain simple flavours, and their seitan chimichurri was good although not spectacular. The chocolate mousse pie is super rich and dense.

    Btw, I wanted to let you know that I love your daily posts. Sometimes it is those simple dishes that are not always blogged about, but totally worthwhile sharing. I am just teetering into a vegan diet so I think it is great. :) Keep it up! :)

  3. Alright, I think I'm finally going to have to give Candle Cafe a try!

    I'm glad you're enjoying the daily posts, Janet! Thanks! It's definitely a challenge to have something everyday and make it seem "worthwhile," not just those special or well thought out dishes I might otherwise post. Hope you're enjoying veganism so far!

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