Waffles! Resolutions! Things!

Sometimes, I don’t want to write blog posts.  I just want to listen to Screeching Weasel on youtube.

That’s as good a start to a new year as any, isn’t it?  Thought so.

After a new year’s eve of reflecting on 2010, writing, meditation, burnination setting things on fire, wine with bubbles, too many vegan snacks, Doctor Who and (relatively) early bed, I began the new year with a feast of waffles, a few cups of coffee and a lot of Bruce Springsteen, and by making the vaguely glib “resolutions” to continue drinking coffee (because I love it!), listen to more Bruce Springsteen (uh, same) and to regularly watch TV on the internet (guiltless pleasure?).  These are “obvious” things I love to do, and will continue to do, so why not include them in my lists of “goals” for 2011?  One of those broader goals is definitely “have fun” and/or “enjoy the small shit,” so why not get specific?  Exactly.

Anyway.  Waffles!  A recipe modified from one on Waffle Party! (dot com!), some pomegranates, some raspberries, some cacao nibs, some coconut “butter”, some banana, apple and obvs maple syrup and…holy crap, it’s a vegan waffle party! Dot com!

But then we felt kind of like this:

So we went for a walk in an icy meadow by the sea:
And then came home for some raw peppermint hot chocolates

Then there was an Ethiopian feast, organic wine, more chocolate (take note – Coconut Bliss ice cream + hot chocolate = tastes like marshmallows in yr hot choc!), and a viewing of The Social Network, to which I say find me on Facebook!

Also, happy new year!  There are some new things in the works for Everyone Is Vegan, so keep an eye out here, and on Facebook for sneak-previews and announcements!

2 thoughts on “Waffles! Resolutions! Things!

  1. The icy meadow looks beautiful, as do all the eats – especially that hot chocolate!
    Happy New Year and I resolve to listen to more Screeching Weasel.. I used to love them!

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