Seasonally Inappropriate Dessert: Lucuma Coconut & Mint Chocolate Ice Creams

Well, there’s one of those awesome extreme cold weather alert things on for Toronto, with the temperature dropping to -20C overnight, and warming up to a balmy -10C throughout the day tomorrow.  There’s a “breeze” coming in around the edges of all our windows, so naturally I thought I’d tell you about the ice creams I made on Friday!

This was my first at-home attempt at raw and almost raw ice creams.  I made a cashew-based mint chocolate on a whim, and it was by no means perfect, but I was pleased enough to serve it to guests and spend the rest of the weekend working on leftovers!  The real success was a coconut milk based almost raw lucuma flavour, which was much softer and creamier.

Raw Mint Chocolate Chip:

It’s (soaked) cashews, a banana, water, lucuma powder, stevia, coconut oil, spirulina, peppermint essential oil and cacao nibs!  In a ratio I won’t bother sharing, because it needs work, but I’ll get there!  In time for summer!

The Lucuma Coconut got devoured before pictures were taken, but it was a rich caramel colour, and less icy than the cashew cream.  Recipe worth sharing:

Lucuma Coconut Ice Cream

1 can organic coconut milk
2 ripe bananas
3/4 cup lucuma powder

Combine ingredients in blender, put in freezer.  Let freeze.  Eat!  The lucuma has a delicious caramel-y flavour and creamy texture that lent itself really well to ice cream.  Apparently they go crazy for this shit in Peru, or so the internet told me!

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  1. Yum! Ice cream is never inappropriate! Well, maybe in the snow it might be. Will have to try lucuma powder, you make it sound delish! Maple walnut!?

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