Raw "PB&J" Sammiches!

Hey friends!  I’m not a big fan of late night eating these days, what with that whole pesky situation where your body can’t digest properly because it just wants to sleep, and then it doesn’t rest as well as it could when you do sleep, because it’s trying to digest!  Mixed messages!  Multi-tasking!  Not very productive situations, particularly for our finicky digestive systems.  That said, some evenings, mostly due to wonky planning and/or scheduling, you just need a snack before sleep is even an option, am I right?

Tonight was one of those nights.  I was debating sending myself to bed hungry, when I came across a post over at Food Feud, contemplating the options for a raw, or “breadless” pb&j sammich.  Well.  WELL.  After proclaiming my love for all things rolled up in greens, such as various raw burritos, hummus or falafel wraps, I thought – why not just roll up some friggen nut butter and fruit in a leafy green and BOOM, raw pb&j.  At first I was all “I know what someone’s having for breakfast tomorrow!” and then my stomach was all “quit getting off on being withholding, I know what someone’s having for a snack right now!”  Obviously that someone is me.  Obviously I flounced (flounced? really?) off to the kitchen for some raw pb&j action!

Perfect late-night snack material, raw and relatively light so as not to keep your digestion all a flutter for too long, and super dooper delish for that awesome “I just had a treat before bed!” feeling.  If I eat this for breakfast again in the morning, I make no apologies.  I love stuff rolled up in green leafies THAT MUCH.  Plus, it’s basically an unblended green smoothie.  Try this.  Right now.  I dare you!

Raw “PB&J” Sammich

Collard, kale or swiss chard leaves, de-stemmed
1-2 tbsp raw almond butter, or nut butter of choice
handful (frozen) raspberries, or fruit of choice (cherries would be my next choice, but this is totally open to interpretation; I may even try it with apple slices! and cinnamon!)
drizzle of maple syrup or agave (optional, good with a sour fruit like raspberries)
sprinkle of sea salt

Wash and de-stem your green leafies – to do this, just cut or tear the stem out of the middle of your leaf.  It will look like so:

Sometimes I leave chard stems in, because I’m lazy and they’re fairly soft.

Spread almond butter along leaves, sprinkle with salt and drizzle with syrup if using. I’m a huge sweet&salty fan, hence the salt, and raspberries are SOUR, hence the syrup.  Otherwise up to your discretion and fruit choices.

*Optional: mash fruit, either with or without some added maple syrup/agave, for a more “jelly”-like situation.

Place fruit on top of nut butter.  Roll.  Slice if desired.  Eat them up om nom nom. Come back here and tell me how much you loved it!

If you’re a fan of the old pb&banana, this also owe’s a shout-out to Choosing Raw’s Raw Banana Breakfast Sushi, which is essentially the same but with a ‘naner in place of the fruit.  I haven’t tried that one yet, but after nomming on this, I know it will also be super delish!

Anyone else have a favourite healthy bedtime snack?  Or not so healthy bedtime snack?  Warning, I may take the latter as a CHALLENGE and turn it into something healthy and/or raw!

2 thoughts on “Raw "PB&J" Sammiches!

  1. Haha, yes! So I guess I was wrong and that PB&J would actually work well on greens. I never thought of it like a smoothie but that does make sense.
    Tonight – it's on! Thanks for the prod in the right direction (I've also been meaning to try Gena's).

  2. Yum yummy! Anything with nut butter is tasty! At anytime! How about with oatcakes; may not be raw, but good oat cakes in honour of Robbie Burns of course. Though I did taste a raw oat cake yesterday.

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