Do You Make Time To Do What You Love?

It seems like a no brainer, right?  Do what you love, and you’ll be happy.  But how many of us really make time on a regular basis to do what we love?  Better yet, how much do we notice or appreciate the time we spend doing what we love?

This is something I was thinking about today, as I allowed myself to really get caught up in spending the whole day in the kitchen.  As I prepared a menu, made myself a little prep list and went to town prepping veggies, sauces, ice cream experiments and new marinades for mushrooms I had a revelation of oh yeah, this is why I do what I do.  Earlier in the week – hell, as recently as yesterday afternoon – I was caught up in designing a website, writing some articles, trying to articulate what I do for some new projects, and I got so lost in those details that I hardly spent any time in the kitchen creating.  Well, let’s be realistic.  Hardly any time for me, who makes pretty much everything I eat from-scratch styles, but this week there were a lot of green smoothies, bowls of grains and beans, and many a rerun – boring.  

But today.  Oh, today.  I woke up, got straight into the kitchen to make my morning lemon water and some breaky, then got out the menu for tonight’s dinner party, my knives and blender, and just went to town.  Hours flew by and I hardly noticed, because I was loving it.

kale is what I love.  how ’bout you?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what we do, how we spend our days and lives, and how important that is to our overall wellbeing.  Holistic nutrition is what I do.  Holistic nutrition, because what I happen to love is awesome, fresh, healthy and delicious whole foods.  But if we want to look at the holistic part of it – that’s all-encompassing.  Sure, what we eat has a HUGE impact on our health and happiness, but so does where we work, what we do with our spare time, if we even have spare time, the relationships in our lives, how we sleep, where we sleep, our personal hygiene routines, how active we are – seriously people, I could go on all day here.

Other than nutrition, the part of this holistic picture that really resonates with me is how we spend our time, either in work or in play.  We’ve all had an awesome, fun-filled day with great friends and felt super-energized at the end of it, or spent a whole day lost in the kitchen and felt excited by it.  But that’s not usually every day, is it? (If it is for you – good job, friend, share your secrets in the comments!)  And sure, it doesn’t need to be every day, life has it’s ups and downs and that’s pretty sweet to, but what if we made doing shit that we absolutely love a priority?  Put it at the top of a to-do list every damn day, along-side laundry, taxes, website formatting, homework, whatever else it is you feel obligated to do in a day that doesn’t exactly excite and energize you. And as important is it is to do the things we love, we need to notice when we’re doing those things and not let it slide by unappreciated like, oh damn, I have to make dinner again.  No, I get to make dinner and I fucking love it!

Hell, if you’re not sure what it is that will make your heart sing like some disgusting hippy who loves everything, make it a priority to sit down and figure out what you love to do.  Then do it!  If you’re waiting for permission, there’s no better time than the present – it’s Friday night, go have some fun!  If you’ll excuse me, I get to go make some kale salad for my friends now.