Mini Review: Sadie’s Diner

Confession:  I don’t go out to eat very often.  Toronto actually has a decent number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, I just don’t ever seem to make it to them.  We’ll skip the part about the few I’ve worked at and therefore obviously eaten at way to much, and say that the rest I’ve only been to one, maybe two times each ever, and there’s still a few I’ve never tried.

This was only my third time in about as many years at Sadie’s Diner, but I had some errands to run in the neighborhood, so figured it was a good excuse to grab lunch there with a friend.  Well, brunch, technically. At about 2pm.  On a Friday.  Ahhh, the life I lead.  Jealous, much?

Sadie’s is a totally vegetarian, mostly vegan, diner style joint.  At least half the menu is all day breakfast/brunch, and either vegan or veganizable, which is pretty epic.  Vegan brunch is a luxury I don’t indulge in often enough, mostly because it requires more going-out-of-my-way than I’m prepared for when a need for brunch arises.

This was my first time trying a breakfast at Sadie’s.  On previous excursions, I’d had a vegan BLT, then a mediocre veggie burger with unfortunately soggy fries on my last visit (to date that visit: it was after seeing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in theatre – hilariously, a second viewing of HP7 may have also featured today).  So, I decided it was time to try some all-day breakfast, and my choice was a total no brainer – Vegan Huevos.  That’s something you can know about me I guess.  If I’m in the mood for brunch, and there’s vegan huevos on a menu, I WILL order it.  Since I’d got the memo that Sadie’s is now using Daiya, that totally sealed the deal.

It was a good ol’ diner huevos, with scrambled tofu, tons of salsa, some refried beans and guac, toped with chedder Daiya shreds.  Nomnomnom.  Obviously, I loaded ‘er up with hot sauce and stuffed my face.  My only complaint would be the lack of melting the Daiya.  I mean, isn’t that the whole point of this stuff?  The melt, and the resulting stringy goo?  Some bits which ended up under and mixed into the tofu got a little melty, but overall just dumping it on top didn’t create the cheese goo I was hoping for.  It’s obviously still waaaaaaay better than other processed vegan cheeses, so points there.

extreme close up

This was definitely my fave Sadie’s meal yet.  My friend had a big, sugary plate of vegan french toast and sausages, which I alas did not capture a picture of before it was devoured.  The huge mugs of coffee, Daiya, and many other all-day breakfast options will definitely lure me back to Sadie’s in future.  Plus, if I’m ever feeling the need to wreak havoc on my blood sugar, they’re bringing in some delish looking vegan doughnuts now (from Ottawa or something? anyone know the deets?).  I can’t even remember the last time I had a regular doughnut pre-veganism, but somehow I feel like it’s my duty to try a vegan doughnut if the option is available, considering the fuss most of the veg community makes over the things.  I’ll just consider it taking one for the team, ok.

I might have another review tomorrow in lieu of original recipes.  There’s a new vegan gluten-free bakery opening in the junction tomorrow, and I plan on stopping in there before work if I’ve got the time!

Anyone else been to Sadie’s?  Or have a fave vegan brunch spot?

2 thoughts on “Mini Review: Sadie’s Diner

  1. Yes!!Dough-nuts! Dough-nuts! and correct, huevos are a must for brunch!
    Would be interesting to hear of gluten free vegan doughnuts from the new bakery.

  2. wondering about those donuts! years ago we used to buy whole wheat cake donuts at a place in Edmonton called The Bee Bell Bakery. They were the only donuts I ever liked. Can't wait to hear your donut experience!

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