Everyone Is Vegan Month of Holiday Food, Facebook, and Twitter!

Every year, I love watching the posting frenzy of Vegan MoFo, the “Vegan Month of Food,” during which vegan food bloggers post more(!) food, more recipes, more restaurants reviews, more everything for an entire month.  This year’s MoFo spanned the month of November, and just came to a close.  I wanted to participate, but didn’t get the blog up until mid-month, and then got busy and distracted with other stuff.  But now I’ve come into some more free time, and it’s officially (officially!) the “holiday season” which to me means “the food season” (ok, really, that’s every season) so I thought, why not have my own month of food?  An Everyone Is Vegan Month of Holiday Food!  Yeah!  But wait, what does that mean?  It means a couple of things –

– I’m going to post every day in December.
– I’m going to post mostly holiday and seasonal recipes.

In case you were wondering, here at Everyone Is Vegan, the holiday celebrated is the well-known fave Chrismukkah:

Which means you can expect vegan, raw, healified and delicified Christmas, Hannukah and wintery festive recipes.  Peppermint and chocolate, vegan eggnog (nutnog? don’t call it that!), latkes, gingerbready things, cranberries, stuffings, various mashes and eventually, entire feasts.

This is meant to challenge me to cook, uncook, and write continuously for 31 days, so I’m absolutely up for more challenge – requests!  I’ll get into it in more detail in a couple of days, but if anyone has a holiday fave that they’d like to see veganized or health-ized, hit me up!

In the meantime, I’m sipping on this, and omnomnoming some raw, vegan mac & cheese for lunch while I work on some new recipes, website and and other miscellaneous this afternoon.


In further news, Everyone Is Vegan is now officially on Facebook!  That’s where you’ll find blog update notifications, behind the scenes pictures of recipes and projects I’m working on, stuff I’m eating, sweet links and, y’know, the usual Facebook deal!  Everyone loves Facebook, right guys?


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2 thoughts on “Everyone Is Vegan Month of Holiday Food, Facebook, and Twitter!

  1. Okay I gotta know what's in the cup. And 2 recipes I'd love to see made healthy are shortbread (gluten free??) and nanaimo bars.

    Yum my mouth is watering a whole month of goodies to try!

  2. No, it's a secret for tomorrow! Ok it's not, it's raw cacao hot chocolate.

    I definitely want to try rice flour/coconut oil short bread, I just have to work up the courage to use some sort of actual sugar?! And raw nanaimo bars are definitely possible, just have to work out the filling – the base and chocolate topping are easy! haha!

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