Stress-busting, immune boosting.

I’m really busy this week.  Or, I feel like I am.  Busy for me.  I’m not a “busy” person, I kind of hate it, actually.  I love my down time, my “lazy” time.  But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, like work two part time jobs while slogging away at the full time job of starting your own business in the hopes of one day not having to work two part time jobs.  You see what I’m saying?  Anyway, this leaves not a lot of time this week for playing in the kitchen, sharing recipes or pictures of food.

Instead, I’m sharing a picture of my super-late dinner-on-the-fly tonight, a couple of “recipes” that are more like suggestions and my number one dietary tip for surviving stressful, busy times.


I busted in the door at about 8pm tonight, starving and with little-to-no prep’d food in the fridge, but I knew what I needed.  Vegetables.  Green vegetables.  So, I threw some parsley, lemon juice, sunflower seeds, olive oil, celtic sea salt and pepper in the food processor, some broccoli, butternut squash and bok choy in the steamer and called it dinner!

Parsley Pesto & steamed deliciousness!

Delicious, quick, comforting and totally filled my belly without weighing me down at all.  I’ll be seeing a few more concoctions like this one before the week is out!

Breakfast today (and tomorrow for sure) was another of my quick go-tos with a serious dose of greens – the old green smoothie:

Ginger Pear Smoothie
1 pear, chopped
3-4 large kale leaves, or 2 cups baby spinach
1/2 inch piece fresh ginger, chopped
2-3 tbsp hemp seeds
2 cups water

Blend all ingredients until smooth.  Perfect breakfast, snack or other light meal.

You may be sensing a theme by now – greens!  They are really one of our most powerful culinary weapons when it comes to promoting health.  They’re incredibly alkalinizing, which keeps us energized and wards off illness (which only likes to breed in acidic environments), provide unparalleled doses of vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll as well as antioxidants.  Greens can heal us like few foods.  In times of stress or illness our needs for nutrients increase, for various reasons, and particularly by consuming blended or juiced green vegetables we can easily meet and surpass our body’s requirements for nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, stress-busting B vitamins and immune boosting vitamin C.

A few of my other fave tips for staying energized and healthy during times of stress and busyness:

– Stay hydrated to keep energy levels up
– Avoid refined sugars, flour and caffeine as they will deplete the body of nutrients and ultimately cause fatigue
– If you work hard, play hard!  When you’re busy, make your free time count!  In my spare minutes (ok, a few hours) this week, I have re-watched Harry Potter 6, intend on seeing HP7, and have acquired and begun to devour the Darkness on the Edge of Town remastered boxset DVDs, liner notes and epicness.  I don’t think this will be such a bad week after all!

3 thoughts on “Stress-busting, immune boosting.

  1. Those veg look yummy. Thanks for reminding me that I can use parsley to make pesto. I need to lighten up. Getting a bit tired of all the legumes I've been eating!

  2. I swear by greens too. Last year, my son got the dreaded flu .. the night before, we were sharing popcorn out of the same bowl.. I took care of him the whole time. ( he was so so sick! ) and I never got it!

  3. yes! the magic of greens! I swear, if I feel run down or actually get sick, nothing perks me up like a green smoothie or juice. epic healing powers.

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