Everyone is Vegan.

Everyone is vegan?  Seriously?  WTF, right?  No, they’re not.  My best friend eats like a caveman on purpose.  Totally the opposite of a vegan.  So, let me explain this.

In our “Professional Practice” class at nutrition school, we were asked to create a “vision board” of what we saw ourselves doing after graduation, imagine our futures in whatever way we saw fit.  I guess this is a common practice, there are books and movies and websites devoted to it, but it was my first one.  I’m a recovering cynic; we don’t take kindly to “everyone just imagine how you want the future to look and it will happen” type scenarios.  But I did my best, and maybe even found a way to appreciate the exercise.

Fast forward to now.  Actually, rewind to just over a month ago.  I’m in a small town, I’m hungry, I’m looking for lunch.  Vegan lunch.  We’re coming up empty.  But wait, there’s a little “locavore” cafe.  Sometimes they have vegan chili, maybe they’ll have soup.  The conversation upon entering goes something like this:

Us: Mmm, Mushroom Eggplant soup.  Is there any dairy in the soup?
Server: (asking the chef) Is there any dairy in the soup?
Chef: No dairy in the soup. *long pause*  Just a little butter.
Me: *FLABBERGASTED* I’m pretty sure butter is dairy…

Needless to say, that was one of those “the world just isn’t made for me!!!!!” vegan moments, where you kind of want to smash the system and take down the man and force feed everyone kale and hemp seeds. Or is that just me?

So, this is my new vision board.  Because I guess you’re supposed to keep updating them every few months, right?

Everyone is vegan.  That’s a cute title, but I guess it’s more like – everyone is healthy, interested in plant-based food options, aware of how what we put in our bodies affects how we feel and act, as well as how it affects the world around us.

Yeah, that’s right.  This recovering cynic is turning into a f*cking hippie.

And this f*cking hippie wants to share vegan recipes, nutrition tid-bits and holistic what-nots with everyone, from the caveman to the already-vegan and the everyone in between.  We can all eat a kale salad or a raw cacao brownie and feel a little better for it, so why the H not, amirite guys?

3 thoughts on “Everyone is Vegan.

  1. maybe everyone is vegan …. and then they add a little butter … and then a little chicken….. Is that vegan plus??

  2. hahaha.. a recovering cynic. I am a hopeful recovering cynic! I've been working very hard this year to overcome it

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